Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Technophobic Counting

As usual i have a class; Computer and Multimedia in Education, discussing about teaching and learning with technology. This week we need to cover two chapters; administrative software and academic software. There is no lecture, but we need to present our discussion next week with the report.

The workload increasing. Next week, i will have 4 midterm examination, 3 assignments to be submitted, 1 presentation and need to collect data in the school. Thank you my dear lecturers. All these tasks have to clear up within 1 week hehe.

So back to the lecture, we finish 1 hour earlier. Before that, my lecturer asked the total number of students. So she need the students to count one by one;

one, two, three.........98 (me), 99, 100......281, dua ratus lapan puluh dua (peoples laugh hahaaahaaa)...and finally 387.

A big number for one lecture, that is why the class turn to chaos when the 'teachers' start mumbling, i think they postponed to take this course earlier because of technophobic as well as me. O Allah, give me the strength.

a picturesque dhuhaa
88999 Kota Kinabalu


  1. salam amal Siti nie..huhu ko masukkan juga ya dlm blogmu..huhu redha je la Miss Salina nak buat apa...

  2. She loves us! thats what we call learn hehee. She is my fav lecturer, tapi kerjanya sabar ja la..ok relax ko siti, bila lagi kita nak buat kerja camni hehe

  3. siti is 99, miza is 100

  4. aku tak faham sudah mo buat nie..aku g laman webnya pun aku dpt ntah hapa2...c nadia bgtau kena ikut tips tapi itu pun aku xfaham..

  5. aku baru buka wiki, adoila adoi adoi, ko apa? database ka? huhu aku spreadsheet, tips yg pdf atau yang di link of interest d ablongmanduffy tu

  6. tips yang dia upload dlm mailing list tu..aku database nie..huhu...ble sent ka tips dlm pdf tu aku dah terdelete pulak...chp 5 n 6

  7. jap, aku foward ke emel ko

  8. think positive kengkawan...jika 'penghinaan' yang boleh buat korang lagi kuat. Biarlah...yang penting, fight buat yang terbaik.


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