Friday, 18 May 2012

The Kite Runner

Wah, it has been a long time i'm not writing here. It wasn't about lack of time, but insufficient reading. I will discuss how serious my lazy illness towards reading habit recently in the other entry. This entry is just to focus on my brother's kid. We play the kite in Pancur Hitam beach, My mother bought each person one kite. Aisyah Humaira' s kite is angry bird while Abdullah's is transformer. My giant kite haven't fly yet. Take a look at my photos.

a white sandy beach in Pancur Hitam, Labuan.
take turn to play because angry bird kite can't be fly

captured by Abdullah, he try to put me at the 1/3 position, haha clever.

dedicated their laughter to Sitti and Tok Ayah in Penang.
Well, i drop my pen here. I will come out with more stories, photos and an article that i promised to write for  Dr.Sabariah.

Amal Harun
Labuan FT