Saturday, 17 April 2010

Limiting reactant

Content-based Discussion, CBD is one of the most important part for us especially new lecturer before entering the lecture hall. One of the topic discussed in the CBD is the define and determine the limiting reactant. According to the senior lecturers, students mostly found the limiting reactant concept is one of the diffuclt part to understand. Furthermore this is new concept for them.

Students in matriculation only learn the limiting reactant, percentage yield, perform stoichiometric calculations using mole concept including limiting reactant dan percentage yield. Since the topic a bit complex and i already forgot what i will teach them, extra preparation is needed.

What is limiting reactant? The reactant that is completely used up in a chemical reactions and limits the quantity of products formed. When the limiting reactant is used up, the reaction stop. In other words, the reactant that produces the least amount of product is the limiting reactant.

A reactant that remains after a reaction is over is called the excess reactant. once the limiting reactant is used up, no more products can be produced, regardless how much of the excess reactant may be present.

In my final year project, i used limiting reactant concept as a problem to study. According to many chemistry education journals, this concept may tend to misconception among students. Later i will share one of the analogy used during the teaching and learning process.

Make chemistry easy and fun!

Friday, 16 April 2010

Alarm Me!!!

The final PSPM2 is over, lecturers and students are happy. Ling Ling asked me to 'koop' then we buy cold orange TWISTER and ice-cream cone. She took yam and i was vanila with rainbows. Slurp!

Hurry to foyer, suddenly students come and greet me, shout loudly, scream and whatsoever action that showed their expression after free from exam and hectic life of matriculation. InsyaAllah, He will reward them the best.

When i get into the lobby, Nadira is waiting for me. One of the IT's lecturer is chatting with her. I join them, almost discussing about our coming holiday. Seems like everybody cant even wait the day, can see it through everybody smiles.

"When you are going back?" he asked me.


"haha why so late, nadira friday." again he asked.

"She has fiancee while you are going back for your wife, and me..." then we laugh happily, deep in my heart, really miss my parents and kampung. Never mind, better late then never.

"Eh, why so long not update your blog, what is ist...errrr Irshad? my wife also irshadian." friendly even first time 'gebang-gebang'.

"Keep on sharing, then later buy your domain" he add. "Keep on writing".

Gulp! Blog is not negligible.

Did i block myself from blogging or writting? In other word sharing. Ooohhhhhhhh... wipe my sweats.