Sunday, 23 September 2012


Again, 1 catchy word to begin the story. Friends, what is in your mind about sah? Exactly its not about the sah in akad nikah (read: solemnization). This is definitely will be the contamination to both languages. Because i'm going to write it in mixture. This habit was one of my bad habit that i'm trying to get rid, in the other words, i forbid myself to speak but so far, unable to speak in each language properly. The evidence is when i enter my lecture...but the students almost happy listening to my mumbling in manglish. Waaahhh perasan. Lets forget about it hehee.

Yesterday, i had a short conversation with my friend via Facebook. He suddenly appear and ask me.

"amal, apa hang buat. Bosan laa"

because i don't want to have long conversation with him that keep complaining getting bored everytime, so i told him like this. "sah hang bosan, itu petanda tak nampak tujuan hidup". Then i sign out.

I wonder why he feel 'bosan' every time, because right now he suppose busying for his wedding preparation, furthermore he is a new doctor. Well my advice is to maximize our time with the good thing such as solat berjemaah and attending majlis ilmu. This tips really works for me. I feel the emptiness in Labuan by joining kelas pengajian wanita, even the class teach the basic knowledge which i already know (i meant the class sometime bored), but then there still a new knowledge i got, and the precious is to make an ukhuwah/ silaturrahim.

Asy-syahid Hassan albanna  said that our duties are more than our time we have. It clearly show us that there is no word 'bosan' in our life. I admit my life here in Labuan dull and monotonous, but it is by our physical look, the real is the excitement (tak percaya kenapa aku tulis statement ini). Arghh very hard to explain, but if we understand why Allah create us in this dunya, we will never say BOSAN. Sah??

I remembered this; Sayyidina Ali saids " Beramallah ketika di tempat yang tidak ada ganjaran tetapi hanya ada amalan (dunia), sebelum kita berpindah ke tempat yang hanya ada ganjaran tetapi sudah tidak ada amal (akhirat)"

Well dear readers, i write because i want it to be my reminder, if it benefits to you, alhamdulillah, but if it doesn't suits you, just ignore. Till here, assalamualykum.

Amal Harun


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