Monday, 24 September 2012

Bad Eating Habit

Outside, rain cats and dogs. Now at 11pm i have my supper on my bed. Guess what? Pisang goreng (read; banana fritters). Ya Allah, it is very dare idea having hot pisang goreng in my bed. Last night around 10pm, i had 1 pack of nasi lemak plus my additional omelette while watching to the National Geographic. Imagine how much calories intake per night with zero riadhah even once a week.

I'm not sure what happen to my stomach recently. Very hard to 'tahan' my stomach, its growling and producing loud sound inside. If i not take any food, i easily get into gastric.

And tonight, with a very pleasant condition (raining outside) i eat pisang goreng (3biji not 3 pieces) while trying to finish reading 50 Tip Motivasi Haji.

Acoording to my readings, eating before bed can leads to weight gain. Night Eating Disorder (NES) where the person consumes half of the calories for the day after diner. Another bad idea is taking spicy food in evening cause heartburn, therefore i feel a bit 'pedih' in my stomach.


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