Saturday, 26 March 2011

No Sweat Challange

My last lecture is Polymer. I taught a physical students for 8 chapters of organic compound. That was a very challanging but i enjoyed the class. Phisycal students are totally different with Life Science students. Majority of them are males. They love to laugh, very hard to focus, very late to class and a bit lazy compare to some 'nerdy' life science students.

What plays around their minds is entertainment, entertainment and enjoy. Learning number 2. They will keep talking even when i start the lecture. But when i start to story about anything other than organic chemistry, automatically they keep silent and really listen to what i will tell them. At the beginning, when they keep on talking, i will ask them to keep silent. But after a week, the same thing happen and they never change, i didn't asked them to keep silent first. What i did is, i start the class normally, and try to explain everything fastly, moving from slide to slide and ignore their noise. its only for 1 minute and suddenly they stop talking and try to focus.

My chronology

I enter the class, greets the students, asked them to recite the prayers according to their own believes and try to share something out of the chemistry. For example, the difference of falling from a well and falling from coconut tree, the facts about shark, tsunami and other some stories what will they face in university later. At the end of the story might be a moral values.

After attracting their attention, start to relate with what will they learn for that day. And starting from here, they never stop talking. Huh!

"i don't care, the more you talk, the more i teach, you will miss more important thing about what you need to learn". I said. Suddenly stop talking and try to focus.


According to national philosophy of education, education is on-going efforts towards further developing the potential individual holistically. Not only teaching chemistry, but to educates the students a good values etc.

Treshold level

Sometimes, it was very exhausted, from tutorial to lab then to the lecture. I when i explained, i found that one boy sitting beside a girl, chatting together and playing with handphone (for every chemistry lecture). I pointed to both of them and the boy especially.

"you, get out from my class, i dont want to teach those who are disrespectful!" i screamed.

"do not force yourself to come to my class. Who cares, you want or not. You are adult, not a kid, you can think it" i advised.

That was my first and last time i did it. The next class, he still there, and never play with handphone again.


Got one student who never come to class for the whole semester except one day.

Who say teacher is easy?
Amal Harun
Labuan F.T

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