Monday, 7 March 2011


Mak was extremely excited to name me as Amal when i was born 25 years ago. She will conquer the part to give name to kids, ayah will lose chance to name me and my other siblings. According to mak my name is randomly among malays at that time. Amal among arab is familiar, it means hope, ambition or a similar name which give the same meaning is Muna. A is choose rather than M.

When i finish my secondary school, i still not sure to take what course in university or what field i like most. Seems like i dont have ambition, and physically look like no hope or do not trust 100% to this kind of people. Hopeless.

May be its true, because according to Intan, this kind of people which refer to me, is kind of very play safe, afraid to take a risk, lack of confident and very poor in decision making. So now and then, i try to question myself, if i could be someone, who could i be?

Here is my list:

1. A photographer which my photo will be loved by other people.
2. A writer where people love to read my book.
3. A mother who can play and talking scientifically to fulfill her kids enquiries.
4. A cook which can cook a healthy and tasty food.
5. A person with capability to memorizes things esily without forget.
6. A traveller
7. A people which never getting older...oppps

A teacher? excluded from the list. Why? To show that in our life, we never get everything we want, but Allah certainly have His best plan for us. We are giving what we need, not what we want.

I'm very grateful with what i have. Thank you Allah. I wish to be a good servant of Allah.

Amal Harun
Labuan F.T


  1. haaa...list ni la yang ainil nak tau masa tnya amal pasal impian dlu tuh..hehe

    apparently you can still be all those along with your career as a teacher ;))

  2. of course la, if u want to be a mother, need to be a wife, then u need to get marry 1st, then need to have a husband 1st, aiyo lagi mau tanya ka hihii


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