Friday, 31 December 2010

The battle

2010 ia almost left us, no, we left 2010 actually. This year i learnt so many things. Once we had a problem, we think our problem is such a big problem. Other peoples have no problem. When i was chatting with Fairuz Aalia while come back from squasy, i noticed that she really excited with new year. Of course, she absolutely happy and cant even wait her day to be a wife.
From that i told her that our life must have a change phase by phase. And she took the change to be someone. InsyaAllah Aalia, be a goog wife hehee..:). Then i look into myself, is any changes i have made? The answer is secret hehe..have a faith. I remember what my friend said to me: why be someone else when you can be yourself?

Alhamdulillah i need to be more grateful to Allah for giving me a chance to live in a good condition. Have a good parent, brothers and sisters, friends and career, time and good health. 2011 comes with a really passionate about my quranic circle, photojournalism, zoology and botany.

I genuinely feel that that the opportunity to be in 2011 and 1432 Hijrah is another chance given by Allah to improve my akhlak, my iman, my relationship towards Allah, to love more His Rasul and to be kind to other peoples.

I wish i will be able to take the strength throughout the year i'd passed. The journey is still far, and really wish that is a new Hijrah and 2011 will enlighten me to face the battle in Labuan, insyaAllah.

outlining objectives that need to be achieved should provide us with extra motivation. O Allah give me a strength to be your humble servant.

My new friend in Labuan =)

Amal Harun
Labuan FT

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