Thursday, 30 December 2010

Not my mother tongue

It really hard for me to write in english. The words and phrases come into my mind but once i touch the keybords, its gone. What is the major factor that initiate me to write it even not so good, perhaps the point can be understood.

I need to challange myself, writing, reading and speaking in this language. Of course PPSMI force us, science teacher to deliver the lesson in English. But teaching Chemistry in english is a bit different. Few days ago, the board announced to have a public speaking among lecturers. This enhance the effectiveness of teaching and learning chemistry in english.

I did go to the PPSMI course conducted by the english unit. It wsa fun and really encourage us to try and practice more. Whatever you do, it is an effort that being counted by Allah. Lately, they send a so called silent observer, to make sure we are delivering the lesson in english. When they walked along the corridor in front of the class, i will shout "ok class, now can you name the structure?". it is because i just want to emphasize that i use english. Hahaa..

Well, i'm thinking what i should say for my public speaking next month. what do you think? Dont they know i had an anxiety disorder when talking in front of public? Oh no, it make the secretion of adrenaline at high rate as well gaster juice but alhamdulillah, Intan do provide me magnesium trisilicate.

Whatever it is, fight!!!

Amal Harun
Labuan F.T

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  1. find something catchy for your public speaking.. it will help to hold the audience's attention in listening to your talk ;)


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