Saturday, 1 January 2011


4 years ago, i was like really forced by my mother to get into education area. Because i know and really confident that i cant speak well in front of people. It make me nervous, explain the simple thing to be complex. Just because mother said to take education, so i choose education for the sake of mother.

A year after, i was offered a scholarship for science teacher by KPM. I dont know wether it is accidently or it was a fate. I should be grateful because i was one of the 400 applicants, then only a small number (60) to be selected to interview and i was succeed. From there, i thought that was only to study with zero paid. And now, it was another shortcut to get a better post in KPM.

Year by year, a lot of experiences gained, make me really responsible not only to myself but other people. I can see that life is a complex, people have their ups and down. It will be more inspired when i can learnt students life which totally different than mine. Some of them come from very rural area and never touch computer before or one of them work as a rubber tapper.

Yesterday, i was browsing a blog and suddenly stop and read a blog owned by an oral cancer survivor. The tongueless talk is written by a woman which her tongue was removed when he diagnosed tongue cancer at stage 2. And of course after removal the tongue, she cannot speak. And yet i know that she is a teacher! She mentioned that she no longer teaching but she will be remembered as a teacher forever.

The more you give, the more you share, the more you happy. Below, i proudly attached a photo of my students taken during Career Carnival last month. The inspiration begin!
O Allah, to you i leave all matters.

Amal Harun
Labuan F.T

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