Friday, 19 October 2012

Darlings, its Over!

"now we officially ended our class for this semester" i announce it in my last lecture in CP3 at Lecture Hall 3. It follows with a big applause by the students. Over 6 months we being together. I'm not sure wehther they like my lecture or not, but it was my pleasure to teach them Chemistry.

Allow me to describe my students for this semester. This CP3 was my 5th lecture group within my 3 years service in Kolej Matrikulasi Labuan. This group was totally different from before. It might be my excitement to teach physical chemistry, no pressure when handling this group, the commitment among the students and their active involvement make me more energetic to teach them. Whatever i do, my students always be in my thoughts. Hhahaaaha (big laugh) i dont know why this happen, may be because i have nothing to think other than my students. (normal for single people in Labuan).

Overall i can say, they are good in class and best students i ever had. And very important; mereka tidak sakitkan hati saya. Happy saja selalu hehee. I feel young when teach them!

Last but not least, these are my words before i turn off the microphone: "i leave you in the care of God, may you reach success, if you found it was hard, yes i admit, to succeed we must go through the hardship, everybody must go through the process and i'm sure it will be a very sweet moment in every students life. Forgive me for my weaknesses, insufficient experience and limited knowledge. Purify your intention and pray to Allah".

Everyone come and thank me. We had a photography session! I'll share the photos 'shortly' after a days (currently busy).

Lot Of Loves
Amal Harun
Inspire to be a Chemistry Teacher.


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