Monday, 18 July 2011

Price of the tongue

One thing that really make me so much stress during teaching in the class is my voice. When i talk too much, i have headache. So talk less. But my voice is not enough loud, then i need to make it louder.Ouch!!!

The worst is when the girls in my class love to talk and the class beside my class make a noise party or try to make the class havoc, and because they had English period which will be more interesting than chemistry class.

I said to the class, can you reduce your talk while i'm teaching you. Use your tongue correctly. Speak beneficially. Then i came out with one story of the woman,an oral cancer survivor.

She was diagnosed a tongue cancer, and her tongue removed. Then she cannot speak clearly. According to her writing, she need to leave her profession as a teacher, because she cannot speak well. She has no more tongue!

My students quiet. After few seconds, i proceed the lesson. "Please speak whenever needed. Silent is the best. Speak something benefits to others or even to ourselves.

My Favourite blog, a tongueless talk.

Amal Harun

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