Saturday, 30 July 2011

Jaulah Jeselton Day 1

Fadzel's temporary house, we called it chalet in Kampung Kayul

in the bus before heading KK, the bus is waiting for another passenger from the ferry.

A visit to Fadzel's chalet at Kampung Kayul in Ramadhan 2008. At the back was kandang babi.

After Jum'ah, my brother send me to Labuan Terminal, i used speed boat or known as 'flying coffin'. Arrived at Menumbok Terminal after 15 minutes. Wait the 'express' bus for another 1 hour, the cost is RM14 and took 3 hours heading to Jeselton via Kampung Kerukan and of course my Kuala Penyu.

Throughout the journey, i used to enjoy the scenery, as i mentioned before, there is nothing interesting nor beautiful view. It just an ordinary 'kampung', a very uncivilized area (jangan marah) and most of them are abandoned land. Then we can just said, orang Sabah kaya-kaya, banyak tanah ba!

The journey along Menumbok-Kuala Penyu- Beaufort-Papar-Kota Kinabalu recall me the days when we were here since 1994. I can recognized Salehan's home (my student when i had my teaching practical there), his home is a bit change after the renovation. Salehan invited my friend and me to his house for an iftar plus celebrating her mother's birthday. A single mother who struggling towards her kids future. Her face doesnt show her real age, looks older. Salehan's mother keep on saying " cigu' (cikgu), kau tolong la nasihatkan dia, jajal banar ia ni (he is very naughty)"

After the visit, i keep on saying to him and others; "Jangan tinggalkan solat, buat apa pun, ingat mak ayah kita susah". The iftar that day was special to Salehan's family, because they seldomly eat chicken curry and it was purposely made to invite us.

When the bus pass Kampung Growot and few kampung, i remember when i was teaching in class. The class have a very memorable aroma, the sweats smell! I cant get closer to them. Until i asked one boy, "ish knapa kau busuk sangat ni, kau tidak mandi ka? atau kau tidak cuci baju?".

"no teacher, rumah kami jauh ba, saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaana (normal to show or emphasize very far)." Slyvester, a Dusun boy explained. "sa (saya) jalan kaki".

"owh, sorry" shocked. "pukul brapa kau jalan? pukul brapa kau sampai?"

"jam 6, sampai skula ngam2 loceng bunyi (7am)" he explained.

Starting that day, i never complaint this issue anymore.

Before the junction to Beaufort, which is Kampung Kayul, recall when we are visiting my coursemate temporary house. Fadzel stay there for a month during teaching practical. Hahahaa that was scary but this experience cant get at other place.

Nostalgic at Kuala Penyu! i start to take a nap after the bus leaving Kuala Penyu and arrive Kota Kinabalu at 7pm in the massive traffic jam.

Amal Harun

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