Saturday, 30 July 2011

Jaulah Jeselton Day 2; Haflah zawaj

Holding uswah hasanah

I stay in Ainil's room. Aina and Zaleha, fifth year medical students fetch me early morning at UMS residential College, kampung CD. Our first agenda is haflah az-zawaj (wedding) Sis Hidayah and bro Yasin. The ceremony was very interesting. We were separate in two different areas, men and women.

Hidayah was shock by the surprise party held in KK. Hidayah graduated in TESL from oz while her husband in engineering. Some of the seniors gave simple speech regarding this newly wedding. One of the advice are, to be patient throughout baitul muslim life. May this spouse granted the coolness of the eyes as Allah promise in Quran. And hopefully their baitul muslim strengthen their steps in da'wa that bring to jannah, isyaAllah.

Nikah in Islam stated in Quran as 'mitsaqan ghaliza'. congratulation sis!

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