Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Name our belongings

Let us name our personal belongings. Mine is Bilal. I named my  SLR camera as Bilal I, my lap top as Bilal II and my car is Bilal III. There are black in colour and purposely name them Bilal so they will be benificial in dakwa, strong and less making trouble since i am kinda clumsy person and less knowledgeable for most related gadgets.

Naming our personal belongings is the sunnah of prophet p.b.u.h. The name given is based on the function to our life, our intention when using the tools and our appreciation in their presence to help our life.

Here are some sharing regarding this sunnah prophet p.b.u.h. Let us follow our beloved Muhammad p.b.u.h to show our love.

Amal Harun
Labuan FT

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