Monday, 30 May 2011

Treat Each Day As A Gift. Give It A Fresh Start

Each morning when you wake up, tell yourself “I’m going to make a fresh start today.” The tone of your voice and your facial expression should reflect this when you greet your child. Make a clean break from yesterday.

Think: “What would I do if today were the last day for me and my child together?” You would want to make it as memorable as possible for you both, wouldn’t you? Nobody knows if there’ll be another tomorrow. I certainly don’t. Do you?

(Excerpt from Cool Mum Super Dad pg 113)

Start your day by dua, perform solah, love mak and ayah, people around, always have husnu dzan towards people. May you find peace in Labuhan or scientifically called Galapagos.


Amal Harun

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