Friday, 28 January 2011

Life is a cup of coffee

I keep on thinking while driving, eating or even sleeping; why cant get what i want? It such a question that always play around my mind since i was in university. First because i wish to be in other course and second because of UMS. I wish to be in USM.

Finally, i realised Allah has his own plan, He provide the path. No matter where we go, having Allah by your side is important. Stop thinking about what we should get, but keep on reminding ourself, that there is too many things to be thank to Allah, an even 1 mole of oxygen we inhaled, an eye blinking. Just imagine what happen if we cant blink our eye?

But no matter how hard to be positive, sometime syaitan come and say, "you must be jealous with them, they get what they want, and you have nothing..hohoho..". Astaghfirullah. Allah forgive me. To Allah i leave all the matters, to Allah i share the problems. And there is no one else, i please to Allah.

Allah answer my question. When i attend a kind of 'majlis ilmu' held in Ayahman's house last week, Ustaz Ridzuan said, we as a human/ servant allowed to be tested by Allah. Be patient and husnu dzan are the key.

When we drink a coffee, we will observe others cup and compare them with our cup. We try to have a best cup. Our aim is a best coffee, cup is just a tool. We are concentrating on the cup and forgot to enjoy the coffee. We dont have the best of everything, but we just make the best of everything.

I keep on advicing my students " success is not by having a good grade, it is number 2, but the true success is when you can change your attitude and put more effort in whatever you do".

I borrowed words from Ainil Farhan :Before you know how to run, you must first learn how to walk. But sometimes, when you know how to run, you forgot how to walk properly. And you tend to ignore those who are walking. You might not see them walking, but they saw you running.

InsyaAllah theres no regret when you have Allah by your side.

Amal Harun

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  1. i'm honoured! hehe

    but don't drink too many cups of coffee, too much caffeine ;)


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