Saturday, 24 September 2011

Chemistry Mee Bandung

Since i had move to my brother's house, i passionately trying to cook even a simple recipes. If i'm not sure about the ingredients, i browse for it and the methods of preparing. Cooking is just like working in the chemistry lab. Definitely i can say, it is similarly as doing labwork. We need to prepare the ingredients (chemicals), have a proper tools (apparatus) and need to ready with the procedures, a step by step work.

The principals in kitchen and chemistry lab are almost same. Mix something with something else, then look at the changes and do some observation or taste them. But in lab, tasting the chemicals is strictly prohibited. In both kitchen and lab, we apply heat, using fume hood, oven until the glass of apparatus. Cooking requires applying heat, then we can see the physical changes and can also 'see' the chemical transforms, thus, it may change the texture, taste etc.

In lab we need to wear lab coat and glove, kitchen also need these but apron and a different glove. Here's a glimps of gadget in the lab captured during lab session with my students and finally my Saturday mee bandung.

ice maker is my favourite equipment in lab.
                                                                                             100ml beaker
                                                                                  conical flask :)
                                                                                 measuring cylinder

and finally my first trial of mee bandung after coming back from market.
Amal Harun

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