Monday, 1 July 2013

Masjid Abdullah Fahim

Accidently found this beautiful and massive mosque in Kepala Batas. If you are heading towards Bertam Perdana, this mosque is located at your left side, nearby lake called Vision Park and opposite Sekolah Menengah Sains Kepala Batas.

A very conducive masjid, and user friendly. There is a good ambient, clean and provides a lot of facilities. Very important to mention here is the toilet is very clean. Lift is provided for wheelchair user.

Yesterday i went to this masjid to perform Zuhur prayer after fetching my youngest sister. Then i straight away go to the office and asking about the procedure for my solemnization this coming Syaaban. I have to fill the form after agree with the regulations. I do respect with the rules and regulation stated there in order to behave and 'jaga adab' in masjid, especially during the solemnization.

My father always grumbling with this matter when there is solemnization in Masjid Permatang Haji Hassan, because he was an Imam there. I did watch, people or guest who come to masjid for solemnization is not covering aurah properly, come with their ajnabi and in menstruation.

Well, yesterday ayah inform me that the masjid permit us to do our nikah session here.

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