Thursday, 25 April 2013

Dianah Athirah

During study week second semester.
This is the story of Dianah Athirah as i see her throughtout her study in KML. This is also my story.

Dianah took this photo via her iphone 5...hheeehe i want iphone too. She give me a copy and her speech written at the back. She is an adorable student, very stylish and very nice to everybody, friends and teachers.

I taught her chemistry during first semester in CP3 lecture. I didn't recognize her at all because there were 125-130 students in my lecture. Our conversation begin when she text me asking something about chemistry. One day, i left my thumb drive in lecture hall. Since her text remain in my inbox, i text her to 'save' my thumb drive. Alhamdulillah it saved! It contain 1 semester edited lecture slides.

Dianah have low chemistry basic concept  heheee sorry, because my lecture was fast may be. I realized my explanation sometimes not clear and i was rushing for no point, i meant tergesa-gesa or kelam kabut. Therefore i have to find another method to identify this kind of group so that they can follow the lecture accordingly.

To excel in chemistry, first students have to love the chemistry then they can passionately learn even the subject is difficult for them. Second, students should be patience, no short cut to gain knowledge especially basic concept. Third, chemistry is best learn by doing, not just reading or memorizing everything. In my class, i highly not encourage students to memorize, only few things need memorization. For things that need to memorize such as the electromagnetic waves use mnemonic; Rancangan Malam Ini Campuran Umum SX SG, it stands for Radio waves, Microwaves, Infra red, Cahaya nampak for visible light, Ultraviolet, Sinar X and Gamma rays. And a lot more mnemonics creatively crafted by my students and my former teachers. Its Great right???  

She came and ask me the concept. One of my hardest part is to explain the concept of ionization energy. I keep explaining by showing the diagram of removing the electron. The method was unsuccessful. Then i ask her again to come when i was in lab. She came and i use to explain the same concept by giving an analogy. Analogy "mother who the kids were kidnapped" and yet she still blur. So the best way is to avoid analogy.

She really work hard and positive.Until the day of PSPM result announced. She text me she get B- for chemistry. From her text, she excitedly thanked me. I happy because she happy with her result, while everybody keep complaining they got A- instead of A for their chemistry.

Remarkably  i met Dianah with a new look. She was in hijab. Alhamdulillah.

A few weeks later in second semester, she keep visiting my cubicle in MP (read: menara pentadbiran). Usually her visit was because to ask a few questions. I ask her why she use hijab.

"Hehee malu la miss..." she replied and i forgot what is her real answer. By the way the important lesson i get from her is about to be greatful  to Allah. I think having B- is Allah's favor to her, and the way to thank Allah is by wearing hijab hehee, corrct me Dianah if i wrong hihi. Whatever it is, wearing hijab is the best for you, still maintain your elegance anf more beautiful.

Allah provides us countless blessing.

I pray may Allah grant Dianah with hidayah and success in dunia and akhirah.

I put down my pen!


Amal Harun

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