Sunday, 5 June 2011

Alhamdulillah, I'm Muslim

My friend and me went for a 'majlis ilmu'. There was fardhu ain class for young and adults. I was there as a volunteer teaching kids al-Quran or just check other people's tajweed. They recite nicely! At the same time i learn so many thing.

At the end of the class, there must be a 'kuliyyah' session, a moment that I've waited for so long, it just i cant even wait Sunday and next Sunday. We learnt Quran and hadeeth.

And today i spotted that one man come and sit in front of ustaz. Ustaz start giving his kuliyyah. He said that it was grateful for those people learnt quran and teach quran, and be grateful that still have the non-muslim come and learn quran before embrace Islam. Subhanallah. Mentioned to the young man.

I whispered to my heart "O Allah, grant him your taufeeq and hidayah, grant us hidayah, ameen". May Allah protect him as muslim.

I would like to share one most beneficial book from my bookshelf, Travelog syahadah written by Muhammad Rashidi Abdullah. One of his story inside is, he wanted to embrace islam, then he went to Majlis Agama Islam in one state (not mentioned the state, you need to read it), he asked to be a muslim. But unfortunately, they said, this is not the place, go to the other office. Then he become afraid and try to forget about to change religion anymore even finally he 'convert' to Islam.

The important thing as a muslim, we need to show the good thing stated in Islam, or in short, practice 'akhlak islamiyyah' showed by Rasulullah. Baba Ali said; "Alahamdulillah, i saw Islam before i see the Muslim". See, it was very significant!

Allah, Please grant us your hidayah.

Amal Harun
Labuhan Island

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