Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Teaching Chemistry

What do you believe is an important part of being a chemistry teacher?

I believe a critical aspect to teaching chemistry effectively is to develop lessons to encompass the theory of Bloom's 8 intelligence. To do this a teacher will need to understand that their students do not all naturally look at the world and see it not the way I do and to understand that non math analytical type minds have the ability to still understand chemistry if given the opportunity and nourishing environment.

How will you want to run your chemistry classes?

I plan to incorporate relevance into the chemistry curriculum by allowing student freedom to chose context and help them to uncover the chemistry. It is also important that I act as a guide rather and not tell. Although I am not sure of the viability I think in 7-10 science I would want to develop an integrated science approach and move away from units of
science topics .

What is it that you want your students to learn?

I would like my student to learn that there is a way of explaining the world and everyday processes using chemistry ideas and processes. This language of chemistry could help students to analyse components of their life and be able to critically assess to make positive choices.

How will you go about this?

Apply relevance, develop curriculum to include all intelligences and learning styles. Be open to questions and to demonstrate and allow students to undertake investigations and critique media. As a teacher continue to learn and develop my chemistry understanding as well as pedagogical content knowledge. Work with experienced teachers and have open dialogue with peers and science education industry and institutions.Remembering that being chemically enthusiastic (or reactive) can be contagious.

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